School House Rolls

Photo Credit: Janet's Appalachian Kitchen

The recipe we would like to share is for some homemade buns that are named School House Rolls. This is a wonderful and simple recipe that may bring back memories for some.

There was certainly a time when lunch pails would have had simple homemade rolls in them. Making bread was a daily function back in the good ole' days when the families were large, food more scare and appetites big from working in the fields.

The recipe uses powdered milk rather than milk. Powdered milk at one time was more of a staple in the pantry. I remember growing up that my mother baked with powdered milk, and we had to drink it sometimes if there were not any fresh jars of milk left. Even after it was refrigerated I sure didn't like the taste as much as the 'real thing', but that's how things were 50 or so years ago. Powdered milk was and still is great for baking, and when you have it in the pantry, you don't need to be concerned if you don't have fresh milk in the refrigerator. This recipe also calls for 'shortening only', no substituting with oil or butter. Again, this is an 'old recipe' that we are sharing from 'Janet's Appalachian Kitchen Facebook page', and shortening was what was used in baking bread. Today, many would switch that out for butter.

We were thrilled to stumble across this Facebook page as they are some pretty wonderful wholesome recipes on it that Janet is allowing us to share with you all. The ingredients and methods you will find on the Facebook page.

Check out the link below to the 'Janet's Appalachian Kitchen' link. Enjoy!

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