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Go to this website if you want to build a travelling home and learn how to build it at Scott’s Teardrop Trailer Page - The Road Camper. This is an astonishing use of space and a cost-effective way to house yourself if you want to travel across the country.

The trailer was first invented in the 1930s or so. It is a tiny space, only about eight feet long by four feet wide. Still, in that tiny space creative builders have put two beds, a kitchen, and even space for stereos and other small things. The idea is that this small rig will also be inexpensive to tow and can be towed by smaller vehicles. There is no need for a pickup truck to tow this camper around.

The costs will vary quite a bit depending on how much wiring you do, what materials you use to build the camper, how you finish the interior and so on. Still, it is certainly going to be cost-effective compared to the purchase of an RV or some other big camping rig. As well, since it is small you will also save on gas costs. Of course, you’ll save on paying for a camping spot if you can find a place just off the highway to stay, although a camping area may be more fun because of the new people you can meet and swap stories with. The camper could also probably be outfitted with solar-generated power or other alternate sources of energy to power a battery to provide lighting and so on. This could save you even more money.

This is a really neat page that shows pretty clearly some of the ways that you can put together this little traveller yourself. It is full of photos and good instructions that can help if you choose to make one of these campers for your next adventure.

Why not head over to the website now and check out this guy’s ideas? You’ll be glad you did!

Find out more about Scott’s Teardrop Trailer Road Camper at the website, Truck With A Heart, by following the link below.

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