Scratch Banana Toffee Poke Cake

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What could be better than the smooth flavors in a scratch banana toffee poke cake? Whoever invented poking a cake with holes and filling it with yumminess did the entire world a great favor. This particular poke cake combines the mild yet rich flavor of banana in the cake with a filling of toffee bits. This lovely blend is then filled with the flavor of a beurre noisette (brown butter) mixture made with sugar and vanilla.

This cake is a fabulous blending of flavors. It is especially interesting to see the use of brown butter, a somewhat unusual butter to use. Brown butter is a way to make a lot of dishes especially rich and flavorful. When you learn how to make brown butter from this recipe, consider using it in simple dishes such as rice krispies, where the beurre noisette adds a depth of flavor that makes this fun treat even better (believe it or not!). You can also use beurre noisette in any pastry recipe to improve the flavor or as a side dish for vegetables. It can also be fun to think about what herbs or flavorings could be added to the beurre noisette and used in other dishes.

This is a cake that is made entirely from scratch and then gets a bit of help from commercial toffee. That makes it a manageable cake to make and not beyond the skill of a fairly new baker. Learning how to make poke cakes is a great skill and can lead to a lot of fun and creativity in a new baker. Trying to think of new things to soak in a cake can be richly and dee-lish-us-ly rewarding! And your family will be delighted to assist by test tasting eFind out how to make this recipe and many others at the website, Flour Me With Love, by following the link below.

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