Secret Ingredient Cake

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It is a constant search for easy delicious cake recipes! There are so many cakes online to choose from and it is also fun to find something a bit different. Thanks to Jess of Cupcakes & Kale for her Secret Ingredient Cake dessert recipe that will not be a secret much longer. Remember all those spy movies when the head honcho would tell the agent that if he tells anyone the secret he would have to kill them? Well no worries Jess will tell you the secret and will leave it up to you if you divulge it to anyone else. Lucky for you, you won't have to take cake decorating classes for this easy delicious cake recipe, since it is a decorated cake that is simple in its frosting.

The many different and varied types of easy cake recipes that are brought to us from around the globe are sinful treats that cause the shares of corporations that make exercise machines to go through the roof. It boggles the mind since you can find flourless varieties, ones that don’t need to be baked and believe it or not there are also sugarless ones. Say it isn’t so. Yes there are and if you factor all the different types of things baked into cakes and the many different toppings and frostings it will it cause a persons brain to go to overload.

Before there were thousands of cakes online and life has become so automated that we can request a birthday cake delivery from a variety of easy delicious cake recipes, there was the beginning. The term cake is taken from the Norse word kaka and it has been baked in one form or another since about 700 A.D. and has gone around the world like many of those first Vikings did so long ago. The difference between a cake and a bread are very slight and thee are many things one might consider a cake that is really a type of bread. One example is Banana bread. Many of us might consider this a type of cake but in the cooking world it is referred to as a quick bread even though that is not the overall general consensus. The cake and bread debate made it’s way to England and they looked at the shape of the offering and cooking method to distinguish between cake and bread. Bread was typically left upright throughout the cooking process while cakes were usually turned over mid way through it. With all the things in the world to debate most of us are happy to have both varieties and probably don’t mind whether they are referred to as long as they are tasty.

It wasn’t until the great depression when an entrepreneur decided to put the contents into a box and supply the world with an easy option when considering getting all the ingredients together, in the right doses, and making a cake at home. Now, with cakes online, birthday cake delivery and cake decorating classes a plenty, cake making has come a long way! This easy to prepare instant cake recipe became an instant hit and still graces our pantries and our hearts to this day. The wide varieties of them available in most markets will give you many takes on a classic blend of sugar, flour, eggs and butter or oil.

Jess and her secret ingredient easy delicious cake recipe will have you scratching your head when you hear what it is because it is not the most common ingredient in the cake-baking world. Take the chance and give this take on the easy cake recipe a read and Jess and her secret ingredient cake recipe might be your next mission, if you decide to accept the mission.*

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