Secret Ingredient Macaroni and Cheese

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This is an entirely decadent—and fabulous—way to make macaroni and cheese. It includes truffles, a fabulous fungus that is very expensive to purchase. Here, black truffles are included as well as truffle oil (less expensive, but still not cheap to buy) in the recipe. Truffles have a full, rich flavor, somewhat reminiscent of garlic. It is not something you feed to the kids. This is very special, adult food, at least for most of us. But it tastes fabulous in this simple and classic dish.

The recipe for this macaroni and cheese is not surprising and is easy to make. However, adding three whole truffles to the mix may break the bank—or at least, it would break mine. Try just one truffle in this recipe, or even part of one, unless you have a very full bank account and have eaten them before. Even a small amount of this astonishing fungus will entirely flavor this dish, and turn a great comfort food in to a truly spectacular dinner.

Truffles are a fungus, a wild mushroom, of which there are many varieties. The white truffle is the most highly valued, and the black truffle follows as a close second. Some chefs have called it the “diamond” of the kitchen, and, judging by the price, that would be an accurate description. It has a pungent and rich flavor, aromatic and fabulous that is a bit hard to describe. The best advice might be to just make this dish, using only a fraction of the amount called for, and see what you think. Serve the dish with asparagus or another, equally robust vegetable. The truffle is a strong mushroom and needs equally strong flavors to complement it. Enjoy this dish as a very special treat.

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