Secret Ingredient Really Delicious Meatloaf

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Find out what the secret ingredient is, in this Secret Ingredient Really Delicious Meatloaf, and try it yourself tonight for dinner. This ingredient will probably surprise you, at first, and then make more sense when you consider what it is all about. Web blogger and recipe creator, Stacey, offers us this version of meat loaf that brings a fun and interesting twist to the original (if there ever even was an original meat loaf recipe). Making meat in a loaf is an ancient method of cooking meat that can be found in almost every culture around the world. That is because the first ovens were little more than piles of rocks and so shaping or doing anything special with meat (or other ingredients) was quite limited.

Meat loaf is a great way to serve your family plenty of healthy and delicious food. It is also a great way to hide some extra good ingredients, if you want. Any meat loaf can be bumped up in nutrition by adding finely ground oats, any greens that you like (finely chopped) or any other veggies that you might like. They will bake right in to the loaf, infuse it with flavor, and your family will gobble that stuff down with out ever needing to know just how good it is for them to eat. Of course, the grin on your face might give it away . . . so watch it!

Meat loaf is also a great dish for young cooks to try their hand at putting together. Because there are so many variations, it can give a new cook the opportunity to try his or her efforts at different ingredients that might change or improve the flavor. And if it goes wrong, just add some spaghetti sauce to it. In our house, that always works, and people eat it up like it was an all day pasta sauce. Try it out soon!

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