Secret To The Best Hamburgers

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The best burgers in the world are the ones that you lovingly make for your favorite diners. There are many gourmet burger joints out there and with that you can now find many gourmet burger recipes. When in search for the best gourmet burger recipe never forget that everyone’s taste buds are different so what is gold to one person might be lead to the other. Find a recipe you like and modify it to make it your own best gourmet burger recipe. These days many people have a wide array of gourmet burger recipes. Anna and Linda offer a basic burger recipe that with your own flair and creativity can make the best burgers in the world. They do not complicate the mixture so that leaves plenty of space for you to add that special ingredient you love.

Ground beef is a great way to create flavors. Think of it as a blank canvass and you are the artist. Never forget even if the mix might not be great the first time you make it there will always be someone

out there that will add the condiments and the burger will be great to them even if it doesn’t rise up to your standards. Recipes are made to inspire you to greater things.Ground beef was usually the first choice for hamburgers but that is not always the case these days. Since there are so many gourmet burger places out there many of them use different meats to entice customers into their place. There are burgers made from venison, wild boar, moose, turkey and many others as well. The meat itself once seared might have a different taste but once you begin to add your own special ingredients the taste quickly changes.

Never be hesitant to add unique flavors since some might actually work. There are burgers recipes out there that call for cheese, onions, mushrooms and many other ingredients to be added. The only limit is the limit in your imagination. Recipes like this one from Anna and Linda give you the option of adding many different ingredients to the ground beef but you can substitute the ground beef for maybe ground lean turkey, or chicken and you can just go with the cheese and onions and spices in the mix. Ground beef goes well with many different things and if you wan to keep it simple like in Anna and Linda’s recipe feel free too. If you are vegetarian there are many great recipes that have Portobello mushrooms as the burger. If there is a will there is always a way. Always keep in mind that as with most meats be very meticulous in cleaning all the surfaces around your prep area since bacteria can live for more than one day if the conditions are ripe for them Keep a good sanitizer as one of your weapons against bacteria and cross contamination. Thanks to Anna and Linda of Blessed Beyond Crazy Blog for this yummy Secret To The Best Hamburgers Recipe and bon apetit.

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