Shake and Pour Pancakes

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Here is a fun time saving tip to make your breakfast hour run even smoother and give you more time to simply unwind on your weekends, catch up and just chill, or race away to whatever event you have planned. The 'Shake and Pour Pancakes'. The process involves a little bit of 'food processing' to get all the ingredients ready for the shake and pour, so plan to spend a bit of time preparing several jars worth for different occasions. If you plan to save these for a while, or give them away be sure to label what else needs to be added so that it is really simple for either you or the gift recipient.

The basic add ins are just water and an egg, so it really makes for a simple quick breakfast that does not require measuring or too much clean up or finding of ingredients. The batter, when poured, might be a little bit lumpy, but the end product pancakes are delicious. The entire recipe given will make about 13 cups and each jar will need about 2 cups, so really this is about 6 batches worth. It depends on how many mouths you are planning to feed the morning of these yummy pancakes.

If you are anything like me though, you will not like the recipe calls for shortening, but as of yet, I have not tried it with butter so cannot tell you how it will work out.

Okay, so go get those ingredients and directions plus an excellent like to the original 'Utah' recipe at 'One Good Thing by Jillie' at the link below.

Learn MORE / Get RECIPE at One Good Thing By Jillee

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