She fills tin cans with water puts them in the freezer. You are going to want to make these for your Outdoor Decor

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Here is a DIY idea that will reuse your tin cans and make them into something you will love. There is something about rusty tin cans that give way to country inspired crafts that add a little character to a patio or your fall display. This is the time of year that heather starts to make an appearance at gardening stores, and this DIY idea goes perfectly will the plant. Nature is always the best thing to decorate with, and this DIY idea is just the way to combine the two. Heather is so lovely at this time of year. And instead of candles in these DIY idea for lanterns you can use those battery operated string lights, you can put out more light in the dark than a single candle would. You will want to take a look at the photos on the site of this do it yourself craft and project to do.

The best part about this do it yourself craft is that it is inexpensive to make and easy to do. You can decorate them with a bit of twine some little hearts. Making the cans rusty for this DIY idea is easy to do, all it takes is filling the tin cans with some water and putting them in the freezer, you can add some ice cubes, so they freeze a little faster. Once the water in the tin cans is frozen solid, cut a piece of paper so that it fits onto the height of the tin can. Then draw a design of your choice on the paper, and using a sharpie, mark little dots on the outlines to use as a marking for the holes that you will be hammering. Wrap the paper around the tin can, making sure to secure with either tape in the back of the can or use a rubber band. Use a large nail and hammer into the marked dots; the ice will prevent the tin can from getting smooshed while you hammer in the design. Don't forget to poke holes in the sides of the tin can if you want to add handles.

For a great rusty effect on the tin cans, you can use two spray paints of Rust Oleum multi color and terra cotta clay from Ace. For the first coat use a terra cotta color, the example in the step by step tutorial used ACE Hardware brand, but any brand will do rusty tin can lanterns, diy idea and crafts, container gardening, gardening and more. After the first coat dries on the tin cans, spray lightly with some of the Rust Oleum Muli Color, you want the first color to look through a bit for the rusty effect, and you can choose to paint the hearts white to make them stand out more. You can also add rope handles for effect, by pulling some twine through the holes on the sides of the tiny cans and tying the thicker rope handles onto them. You can also use a dab of hot glue, so the ropes stay up.

Canned foods are cheap to buy, they don’t go bad, and you can use them for all sorts of recipes. You are sure to have some tin cans in your recycling bin that you can use for future DIY ideas and projects to do. You will find this diy idea for rusty tiny can lanterns on the Hometalk site. On the site, you will find all sorts of DIY ideas, projects to do, do it yourself crafts, gardening, green living, organizing tips, seasonal decor, woodwork and so much more. **

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