Shepherds Pies topped with Roasted Garlic-Herb Mashed Potatoes

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Comfort food doesn’t get more comforting than a recipe for sheperd pie. This recipe for sheperd pie from Ingrid is a testament to that. If you want a great recipe for shepherd pie then you have one to add to your easy recipes with hamburger meat file. With all the many and interesting takes on this recipe you will have many different examples to go by when deciding what to cook for dinner. You can include whatever meat is your favorite and if you want and are more of a vegetable person then you can easily delete the meat and go with the veggies. Make the recipe your friend and use it to inspire you to make the recipe fit all your needs.

Any shephards pie recipe will include some veggies in the mix so if you are a vegetarian then by taking out the meat you will be set to go. This specific shephards pie recipe from Ingrid adds a roasted garlic herb mix into the mashed potato topping. Yes this can be a great and delicious addition to your easy recipes with hamburger meat file. If you love recipes that are made from scratch then even if you find one that asks you to add a pre made ingredient never feel you have to if making everything yourself is what works for you. Always remember the recipe is there to guide and not pigeonhole you.

The recipe for sheperd pie is actually exactly what it says. The original and first recipe was probably made by shepherds who wanted to have a meal that included their flock. This recipe is also known as cottage pie. It can be made with many different meats but the term shepherds pie was only first used in 1877. The belief is that since lamb was used in the recipe and shepherds tended flocks of them then the most practical name should have been shepherds. The first ones were made with a mashed potato liner on the bottom of the pan and one on top. The usual recipes we find today will only have the mashed potatoes on top. You can use any type of meat you like but if you divert from this recipe that calls for beef then always make sure you are adjusting your cooking time to focus on the meat you have decided to include. If you consider the different temperatures in every oven, they do vary, and you realize that lamb meat might take some extra cooking then you will never under cook or overcook the meal. These types of recipes are great since they freeze well and can be easily reheated to serve on another day. Just always make sure you have sealed the food well before putting it into deep freezer hibernation. Make an extra pan if you love it and you can have it for next week’s meal planner if you are stressed for time. Thanks to Ingrid of The Cozy Apron Blog for this yummy Shepherd’s Pies topped with Roast Garlic-Herb mashed Potatoes Recipe and bon apetit.**

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