Shortbread Brownies

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This recipe is really two recipes put together, an increasingly popular form of baking. Here, shortbread is prepared as a base or cookie, and placed on bottom of classic brownies. That way, you get the somewhat vanilla flavor of the shortbread, along with its characteristic crunch combined with the rich, dark and smooth flavor of the brownie. Both of these things are fabulous on their own, as well.

Shortbread is the perfect cookie, in my mind. Whether you bake the English version or the Scottish version, this cookie, when made well, has a perfect balance of flavor and texture. In the British version, icing sugar is blended with the flour and butter and then cooked. That cookie breaks in to the mouth as though the cookie were crunchy, but then immediately melts away on the palette. Fabulous. The Scottish cookie is more robust, especially if it is made with both whole wheat flour and brown sugar. That cookie definitely crunches in the mouth and then offers a great texture as you chew, along with fabulous butter flavor. Again, fantastic. This recipe for shortbread brownies uses a recipe closer to the traditional Scottish shortbread for the base.

The brownie recipe includes a whopping five ounces of chocolate, so you know that flavor is going to pack a lot of punch here. Like all of the best brownie recipes, this one does not use any leavening agent (no baking powder or baking soda), but requires the skill of the baker to properly whip the butter and sugar sufficiently as well as add the eggs at the right time to the batter, and then gently fold in the flour to maximize the air in the batter, and ensure a good rise. This requires some culinary skill to get right. Try this recipe, and be in the fashion, with two recipes in one. Enjoy it soon.

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