Shredded Hash Browns Recipe

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Potatoes are a delicious food and there are so many different and interesting ways to prepare them. Try this shredded hash browns recipe as just one more way that you can enjoy potatoes. There are so many recipes for hash browns and ways to prepare them. And every one has their own little tip or trick to make their recipe personal and special. This recipe is a great place to start to learn how to make your own hash browns, and after that, you can add whatever you like to put your personal stamp on this great food.

Potatoes can often get a bad rap as a food group, overlooked for sexier things. But potatoes are a low calorie, low fat, and low sodium choice that provides plenty of nutrition for a single serving. It also makes a great snack, served either warm or even at room temperature. Hash browns are a great way to prepare potatoes and have them around as a filling snack to reach for throughout the day. Potatoes are a great source of fiber if you make them with the skins, so choose a thin-skinned variety when you shop. New potatoes are often a good choice when you want to leave the skin on because the potato hasn’t yet gotten big enough or mature enough to grow a thick or tough skin.

Potatoes are also great sources of potassium, better than bananas or spinach, contain lots of vitamin C as well as other nutrients. So start eating potatoes wherever you might choose noodles or rice. These foods are often interchangeable with one another. When you shop for potatoes, take a bit of time to look at the different varieties that are available. You may be surprised that different kinds of potatoes really do taste different. Try the many varieties until you find the one that makes the shredded has browns recipe that your family likes best.

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