Simple Beef With Sugar Snap Peas

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Try this Simple Beef With Sugar Snap Peas recipe that you can make up in a snap (no pun intended) or even have the kids put together whenever they are in the mood for some Asian flavored food. This recipe comes in two parts comprising the sauce that is used to cook in the meat and other ingredients in (as well as serve with the Asian beef recipe later if you like) and then the ingredients that actually make up the beef recipe. Of course, beef and snap peas are two primary ingredients. Other ingredients include the onions and mushrooms. So this dish is a great combination of flavors, colors and textures that everyone in the family will enjoy thoroughly.

This dish is a great one for the practice known as mise en place. This expression is from the French and means to put things in to their proper place (more or less). For bakers and cooks, where it is important to make sure to include all the right ingredients and then to be sure to have all the ingredients before you start the dish that you are planning to make or bake. So here, with the many ingredients that are part of this beef recipe as well as the two parts to this recipe of the sauce and the main dish ingredients, a mise en place approach might be useful. It accomplishes two things. First, you pull out all of the ingredients from the fridge or cupboard that you intend to use and you put them in the right order that you are planning on using the ingredients in. That way, you know whether or not you actually even have all of the ingredients that you might need in order to make up this recipe (or any other, for that matter). This method, mise en place, also ensures that you, in fact, do use all of the ingredients. Because they are in front of you in the order that they are intended to be used in the recipe, it is pretty hard to miss anything. So this practice is a great one for any baker or cook, especially if you are attempting a difficult dish, or one that has multiple parts (as here) or one that just has a lot of ingredients.

Make this dish whenever you want to have a great Asian style meal with your family. This beef recipe is as quick and easy as any recipe can get, and it can likely be pulled together in less than thirty minutes. Serve it with some brown rice, which is a great accompaniment for this meal, although some people prefer this dish with white rice. Enjoy it soon.

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