Simple Cinnamon Cake

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Here is a delicious cake recipe that has the perfect balance of sweet and spice in it. This Simple Cinnamon Cake is a light and tasty cake that would be perfect for dessert, an afternoon snack or even a dessert. It's also made in a bundt pan giving it a really beautiful appearance and then given a cinnamon syrup glaze that makes it even more delicious if that's possible. Even though the recipe from Amy of Belly Full uses a bundt pan, you could try using any type of pan you wanted to see how it would turn out. You could even use this cake recipe as a base for other dessert recipes or layered cake recipes. It would also taste great with a cream cheese frosting much like a carrot cake. Using a bundt pan for this cake definitely gives it some shape and design though, especially since this particular cake isn't frosted but glazed. The glaze would highlight all of the different embellishments on the cake from the pan too which would be very lovely. Bundt cake comes from a cake recipe known as Gugelhupf which was a very popular cake recipe in Jewish communities in Germany, Austria, and Poland. Bundt cakes don't really have one single recipe; a bundt cake is called such mainly because of its shape formed by the special bundt pan it's baked in. Bundt pans always have a central tube in them which creates a hole through the centre of a cake. This also makes the cakes bake faster since the heat is more evenly distributed.

The people who made the bundt pan as popular as it now are H. David Dalquist and his brother Mark S. Dalquist who founded Nordic Ware in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. In the late 1940s, a couple of members of the Jewish-American Hadassah Society in Minnesota went to the company asking if they could make a special pan for their Gugelhupf recipe. They made a small order of them in 1950, and these pans are now in the Smithsonian collection. People weren't really interested in the bundt pan, and the company was considering discontinuing it, but then a dessert recipe in Good Housekeeping Cookbook of 1963 gave it the attention it needed to keep it in production. Then, it became even more popular in 1966 when a bundt cake recipe called the tunnel of fudge was created by Ella Helfrich and won second place in the annual Pillsbury Bake-Off. After that, there were more than 200,000 requests to Pillsbury for Bundt pans. These pans even out numbered the amount of Jello tins that were sold that year. These days, people still use these pans and you can buy them anywhere that sells bakeware. They even come in mini sizes too. There have been over 60 million Bundt pans sold and there is even a National Bundt Day every year on November 15th. This recipe makes 12 servings which would be great to serve for a birthday party or a dinner gathering.

You'll need some flour, baking powder, cinnamon, salt, granulated sugar, unsalted butter, vanilla, eggs, and whole milk. Whenever there is unsalted butter in a recipe, you'll have to add in your own salt, but this is better than having a butter with salt in your recipe. Sometimes you can't tone down the salt, and your recipe becomes too salty. If you are lactose intolerant, you can use coconut milk from the can in place of the whole milk since it is a very creamy, thick milk that will provide a lot of moisture to your cake recipe.***

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