Simple Glazed Apple Fritters

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Enjoy this Simple Glazed Apple Fritters recipe and make a classic dish that can be found in pretty much every culture around the world in one form or another. Fritters seem to be a traditional dish that many cultures make, one way or another. Fritters can either be savory or sweet, although it seems like the savory ones may have been the first kind to be made. Depending on the culture, the fritters may be filled with just veggies, mainly meat, or some combination. Today you can buy fritters that are filled with just about anything. Sweet combinations can include just the plain dough or made with some kind of filling, as in this simple glazed apple fritter recipe. The one thing all of the fritters recipes seem to share is that they are made with a simple dough that is usually yeast based and that is fried in oil (which makes it fabulous, of course). It is hard to say what it is about deep fried dough that seems to be so universally appealing, but enjoying this treat once in a while is a great delight, at least in our household.

This apple fritters recipe is pretty quick and easy to make, even if it is not probably a good recipe for a beginner baker, unless there is plenty of oversight. Some of the challenges with this recipe include understanding how yeast works in a batter, as well as handling the deep frying aspect of this recipe. Deep frying can be quite dangerous and so your baker must understand that and be old enough to be able to manage this challenge in the kitchen. Or, you can work with your young baker and handle that part of the baking for them! This recipe is a lot of fun when two people make it, because biting in to the very first warm fritters that come off the frying pot is a very special treat.

There are apples in this particular fritters recipe. Fritters can include lots of different types of fruit, and apples are one of the best. In this recipe, the apples are peeled, but you do not have to peel the apples. You increase the amount of fiber in this dish if you leave the skin on the apple and increase the nutritional aspect of this treat. There is a slightly different texture when the skin is left on the apple, but it remains a delicious treat. Enjoy making these apple fritters with some of your older kids who may want to learn about working with yeast products and how to handle hot oil in the kitchen. Make some of these great apple fritters soon and enjoy them!

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