Simple Glazed Lemon Zucchini Bread

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When you see a vegetable such as zucchini (or many other vegetables including carrots and potatoes) included in a recipe, they are often added for purposes of increasing the moistness in the dish rather than contributing more flavor to it. That is the case for this lovely recipe for Simple Glazed Lemon Zucchini Bread. The zucchini adds some texture and color, but its primary purpose is to keep the bread very moist (and give you a chance to use up the 24, one foot long zucchinis in your garden!). Another great reason to add zucchini (and other veggies) to dishes is for the extra nutrition they impart.

It is a bit of an overstatement, perhaps, to say that the veggies do not add any flavor. Of course, they do add some. But that is not usually their primary function when you add them to bread, cakes and cookies. Some times they can do surprising things. Carrots in carrot cake, because that vegetable is so sweet, and becomes sweeter when cooked, certainly adds flavor and texture to carrot cake. And a banana, added a whole wheat bread recipe, imparts great moistness, but also a slight fragrance to the bread without dominating it that makes every one ask, “what is in this bread?” So veggies (and fruits) can add wonderful texture and flavor. Here, though, the zucchini is more intended to give texture to the recipe.

This dish is a great lemon bread made with a simple glaze on top. To make the lemon flavor even more intense, use fresh squeezed lemon juice and grate the lemon rind over the glaze once you add it to the cake. It is the perfect offering for a late day pause, when you might be a bit hungry, but do not want anything too sweet before dinner. Serve yourself (and who is visiting) a few slices of this bread, and enjoy.

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