Simple Peaches and Cream Bars

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Juicy ripe and fresh peaches make the difference in these Simple Peaches and Cream Bars. These bars come together quickly, and serve up a wonderful flavor because you are using fresh peaches in the recipe. That also means a moistness throughout these bars. Cream cheese is one of the ingredients that help smooth the peach flavor and also infuse it in to these peaches. It makes the middle layer creamy and delicious, too.

These bars include a base and topping that contains oats. Oats are a wonderful food to include as part of your family’s regular diet. Research shows what a great food they are to include for your good health, and the good health of everyone in your family. Starting your children on a food plan that includes oats is a great plan. Oats support a healthy heart, help to lower cholesterol, and prevent heart disease. Oats also include molybdenum and manganese, phosphorous and copper all minerals that contribute to your good health. So eat your oats. Peaches are a fresh fruit, and like all fresh fruits, carry wonderful vitamins and minerals that are good for you. Eat them often, too.

These Simple Peaches and Cream Bars are easy to make, and you or anyone in your family who loves to bake can make them quickly and easily. Other family members can help out by paring the peaches and chopping them to make the recipe go more quickly. Or, of course, little ones can help by gobbling up the skins, which, in fresh peaches, will be rich and sweet and delicious to eat. They are also a great source of fiber, too, so encourage them to eat them right up! This is a great summer recipe, filled with the goodness of oats, fruit and cheese. Try this easy recipe soon, and enjoy it often.

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