Simple Quick Mac and Cheese

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Mac n cheese is such a classic favourite for us all I think! If you are feeling nostalgic, but you taste buds have grown up a little, try out this awesome recipe for Simple Quick Mac and Cheese. Honestly, the mac n cheese you buy in a box is no comparison to mac n cheese that you make from scratch, like in this recipe. The powdered sauce mix is just not up to par with the real cheese, it has so many unknown chemicals and preservatives in it, and isn't actually real food but just flavours and dies to mimic real cheese. The real cheese mac n cheese is so much better, all the amazing creaminess of the sauce with the cheese.

Good thing, there is a good alternative, meaning that there is an alternative that has actual, real cheese in it! Your tastebuds and tummy will thank you... The thing is the recipe doesn't even take a lot longer than the prepackaged stuff, and it is so worth the effort to have the real deal too. In no time, you will be able to enjoy your noodles and cheese.

This mac n cheese recipe has no shortage of cheese, there are 3 cups of cheddar cheese in this mac n cheese dish, mixed with flour, milk, butter, dijon mustard for an extra kick, and then of course the famous macaroni pasta noodles. This recipe does use shell pasta noodles though, and they are great because they encapsulate the sauces in their little folds! This is not a dish you want to eat if you are watching your waistline or cholesterol by any means. But sometimes you just gotta indulge a bit! This recipe would be awesome to make for lunch, dinner, or even a potluck, people would absolutely love it! Head on over to 'Moms Dish' by following the link in the section below for more!

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