Simple Salisbury Steak

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This Salisbury steak recipe is sure to become a weeknight favorite in your household. Ground beef is combined with tangy Worcestershire and sweet ketchup and served with a rich gravy. This easy meal is perfect served with mashed potatoes because they will sop up any excess gravy. Jen, the author of Cincy Shopper lifestyle blog, created one of the best family recipes when she didn’t know what to feed her kids. These Salisbury steaks became an excellent choice for them because they are flavorful and come with a hot, oozing gravy. Besides being the best steak, this simple Salisbury steak recipe is incredibly easy for Jen to prepare for her family any day of the week.

If you have a pack of ground meat in the freezer but are looking for something unique to make with it, ground meat recipes like this one might be for you. The ground meat is combined with traditional hamburger ingredients like ketchup and mustard, then shaped into patties and cooked through in a skillet. This dish couldn’t get any easier, but if you wanted to be extra prepared for a busy evening, you could pre-shape the patties in the morning and place them in the refrigerator for the day. Chilling the meat patties will help them hold their shape during searing, and they will be ready to cook when you get home. Jen makes this dish super easy by the inclusion of packaged gravy. If desired, however, you could make a fresh meat gravy from the seared bits of the hamburger. Simply stir some flour into the skillet to toast and whisk in some beef stock. Once simmered and thickened, the steaks would be ready. Good family meals require side dish recipes, though, so have a few easy dishes planned to go along with the steaks. For veggies, quick blanched green beans tossed with butter, salt and pepper would be excellent. Alternatively, you could have a green salad ready to go in the refrigerator.

Salisbury steak recipes have been in existence for a long time. During the late nineteenth century, Salisbury steak was invented by a physician, J.H. Salisbury, who believed that beef could defend against various health problems and even suggested eating Salisbury steak three times a day. He sought for people to limit their intake of fruits, vegetables, and starchy foods because he felt they promote mental illness, heart disease, and tumors. Obviously, these ideas would seem out of step today, but needless to say, Salisbury steak recipes have survived purely because of their delicious, tender texture and creamy gravy.

The Salisbury steak recipe is called steak because it is in the shape of a steak. For those who don’t enjoy the chewier texture of steak, this is the best steak recipe, because they are tender and full of ground meat. Ground meat is also substantially more affordable than full steaks, which makes it suitable for serving to an entire family. Thank you to Jen, the author of Cincy Shopper lifestyle blog, for sharing her Salisbury steak recipe with us.

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