Simple Sausage Casserole

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Simple sausage casserole is a perfect quick dish when you want something warm and good and hearty, but don’t want to take a long time preparing it. The nice thing about a casserole is that you can put just about anything together and call it done. So get creative when you make them. You can layer them together, and so have something like sausage, potatoes, cheese, and then veggies and repeat. Or, you can go Italian, and layer ready made pasta sauce (red or white) with noodles and meatballs. Add a layer of spinach if you want some greens in there. Or make it with rice, mixed veggies and chicken. Pour a white (béchamel) sauce over the whole thing and some black pepper and paprika.

There are many ways to make a casserole, and to include (or exclude) foods that you and your family prefer. They can be meat rich or entirely vegetarian. They can be gluten free—just leave out the noodles—or load ’em up. Casserole dishes are fantastic things to take to events, too, since they can be very economical to make and easy to serve. And everyone likes to try a new casserole recipe. They are a perfect go to dish for any and every occasion.

Frugal Antics, the website with the recipe, also has breakfast recipes that might interest moms and dads whose kids don’t eat breakfast or are finicky about what they eat. There are plenty of options and some of them are sure to please. As well, the site has desserts on a special menu link as well as other dishes. So there are plenty of unique and interesting recipes for you to try, in addition to this sausage casserole. Why not spend some time on the site today? You may find yourself with enough meals for the entire week. Enjoy!

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