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The blinds in our homes do a great job of keeping the light out of our eyes and some of the sun's heat out of our homes, but they also attract a lot of dust too. That's why it's so important to clean off your blinds regularly if you want to keep allergens and dust levels low in your home. When there is too much dust in your home, you could have reactions even if you're not allergic to dust. So dusting your blinds once a month or more often is best. If you haven't cleaned your blinds in a long time or you just moved into a house or apartment where the blinds are really dirty, you can put these cleaning tips, and simple life hacks to the test. Katie from Hometalk shares her simple life hacks that make cleaning blinds a breeze. It's also great because you can buy everything you need for these cleaning tips at the dollar store and save some money. You're actually going to make your own blinds cleaner out of a pair of tongs and towels. There are two different cleaning tips you can try out, including one using dryer sheets, or one using floor mop wipes. If your blinds aren't too dirty, you could consider using the first method, but if they have a lot of caked on dust, you'll want to use the wet wipe option.

If you already have dryer sheets, or you have floor mopping wipes, you can just use those, but if you don't have either, you can actually find both of these products at the dollar store. This way you can save some money on them since they'll only be a dollar or so. You will also need a microfibre cloth that you'll cut in half to use on the tongs. Take each half of the cloth and wrap it around the ends of the tongs and secure it in place with a rubber band. Then, if you're using the first cleaning method, use a dryer sheet and cut it into a smaller piece, then wrap it around the cloth and secure it in place. Now you have a great blind cleaning tool that will make it much easier to clean your blinds. You just place the tong ends over each slat of the blind and wipe the dust off. All of the dust will cling to the dryer sheet so it won't go flying everywhere and your blinds will be cleaned on both sides. If the dust is really bad, you can use the wet wipes to clean them. Just cut a piece of the wet wipe and wrap it around the end of the tong and secure it in place. Then do the same thing as you would with the dryer sheets wiping each slat of the blinds with the tongs.

Continue cleaning each of the slats of the blinds until you're all done and then throw the cloth away. You may even want to change the cloth a few times while you're cleaning if they get really dirty. To maintain your blinds, the best thing to do is to give them a quick wipe down every week with a duster or even a clean cloth. Blinds in the kitchen can be even tougher to clean though, so another cleaning tip you can try is to remove them from the window and put them in the bathtub to clean them properly. Then, rinse them off and hang them up to dry. Try out these and more simple life hacks and cleaning tips from Hometalk, the largest diy community.***

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