Simple Ways to Keep Cats Off Your Kitchen Counters

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Cleaning up after our feline friends is just one of the parts of having them in our lives. Another aspect of having a cat that many people forget is that they may have to train them to keep off of furniture, especially our countertops. If your cat jumps up on your countertops not only is this not a good behaviour to allow, it's also very unsanitary. No matter how often you're cleaning your cat's litter box, your cat will still carry a lot of their litter box germs around with them. So when they jump up on your countertop, they're transferring those germs onto the areas where you make your food. So you can imagine what kind of germs will be all over your countertops when you go to prepare food. Cleaning the area every time your cat jumps up will get old pretty fast too, and while there are many great cleaning tips out there to keep your counters sanitized, you'd be best just to keep your cats off of the counters in the first place. If you've tried pretty much everything to keep your cat off of the counter, luckily there are some simple life hacks that you can try to help keep them off. These simple life hacks come to us from Apartment Therapy, and they'll assist you in figuring out a good way to train your cat not to be on your kitchen counters.

Many people resort to spraying their cats with some water in a spray bottle, but sometimes this works, and sometimes it doesn't. You may not always be around when your cat is up on the countertop, so it's best to create a way that the cat will know to get off the counter as soon as they jump up onto it. One of the best ways to do this is to set up some lightweight cookie pans on the very edge of the counter so that when your cat hops up onto the counter, they will land on the cookie sheets and not the counter. Landing on the cookie sheets will also make a loud noise which will cause them to jump back on the floor right away. If you'd rather not use your cookie sheets since that means cleaning them afterwards too, you can use aluminum foil instead and just throw it away when you're done with it. Another simple life hack is to make your counter really sticky with some double-sided tape or make it unpleasant to be on by putting down some sandpaper. Anything to keep them off of the counter and to keep you from having to keep cleaning it more than necessary.

It also helps to deter them by blocking out views of the outside world which will make it a less attractive place to be. Since cats and animals, in general, don't like peppermint, you can make a safe and simple spray with some water and peppermint essential oil to spray all over your counters. Plus it will leave them smelling great. If your cat does happen to get up on your countertops, there are also some simple cleaning tips you can try out to clean up after them. Just use a cleaning solution made out of part vinegar and part water with some essential oil in it. You could even use peppermint essential oil since it will also help deter them in the future. Spray that all over your counters, and it will naturally disinfect them. For the best results use one or more of these simple life hacks to stop your cat or cats from getting on your counters or tables.***

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