Skillet Cherry Cobbler

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This skillet cherry cobbler recipe will likely be one of the easiest you’ve ever made. This cobbler recipe consists of just four ingredients, which means there will be minimal fussing in the kitchen, and it is also a very affordable dessert to make. In fact, this comfort dessert is so easy, it requires only ten minutes to prepare, and the rest is just hands-off time while the cobbler is baking in the oven. Brandie, the author of The Country Cook recipe blog, came up with this cherry cobbler recipe after visiting a chuck waggon cookoff. Cobblers are a common occurrence in the U.S. and Canada, and they made a huge impression at the chuck waggon festival Brandie visited. If your mouth is watering for a taste of this easy and delicious dessert, head on over to Brandie’s blog for the recipe.

Whenever you require easy desserts, there are usually a few shortcuts to be made that makes them so easy to pull together. In the case of this cherry recipe, Brandie uses canned cherry pie filling, which doesn’t need anything done with it. The filling is simply dumped into a skillet before being topped with the biscuit mixture. If you feel like taking a little more time to prepare a cherry cobbler, though, you could always start with fresh pitted sour cherries, and stew them yourself. Simply combine cherries with sugar, water and cornstarch on the stove, and simmer just until syrupy and thickened. The same process could happen with jarred cherries, only in this case instead of water, you add some of the juice.

If you aren’t sure what kind of skillet to use for this cherry cobbler recipe, any oven safe one is fine. Most stainless steel skillets will be perfect in the oven, but a cast iron is very attractive to serve in as well. Simply check with the manufacturer of the skillet to determine what temperature it can go up to in the oven. Cast iron skillet cooking is already a common affair, but baking in a cast iron skillet is becoming more popular every day. Many people are finding that cast iron is a rustic addition to fun desserts because you can serve your cake recipe or cobbler in it and people can scoop directly out of it. Cast iron is also seen as a healthier option for those suffering from iron deficiencies because some of the iron will absorb into the food. If you don’t have an oven-safe skillet at all to make this fruit cobbler recipe, though, you could simply use the equivalent sized cake pan or casserole dish.

Next time you require a delicious dessert recipe for dinner or guests, this skillet cobbler should be it. The ease of this dessert recipe makes it ideal to serve to guests when you have more complicated dishes to prepare because it can just sit in a warm oven until ready to serve.

Thank you to Brandie, the author of The Country Cook recipe blog, for sharing her skillet cherry cobbler recipe with us.

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