Skillet Chicken

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You will be so happy you came upon this Skillet French Onion Chicken recipe to add to your family meal planner. A simple and healthy recipe from The Cookie Rookie food blog that will have everyone in the family satisfied and full after a long day at work or school. Planning out meals is a part of what makes weekdays flow so smoothly. It might seem like some extra work to have a family meal planner and plan out some family dinner ideas, but you will see that all of the planning is worth it in the long run. It works really well to collect some family dinner ideas like this recipe, and decide what nights of the week you want to make certain recipes. Having a family meal planner also makes it super easy to do your grocery shopping because you will know exactly what ingredients you will need to pick up at the grocery store for specific recipes.

Chicken breast recipes are plentiful on the internet and chicken breast is a great meat to choose to cook for meals in your home. Chicken has lots of protein, and not a lot of fat, making it a leaner meat than pork or beef meat. Chicken breasts are the white meat of the chicken, which is lighter in colour and flavour. Chicken breast recipes are also really quick to make generally, because chicken breast that has the bone removed doesn't take too long to cook. So you can have dinner ready in under an hour. When it comes to chicken breast recipes, you will find so many great recipes to try out including this one for Skillet French Onion Chicken. Think of your typical French onion soup recipe, and now mix that with the chicken breast and you have yourself a great main course. Just add in some vegetables, perhaps some asparagus, or broccoli, and a nice salad and you have a great family dinner. The total time it takes to cook this recipe is only 25 minutes, which is great for quick and easy dinner recipe ideas.

Chicken is actually the most popular kind of poultry eaten all around the world. Chickens being eaten for food dates back all the way to 600 BC, and chicken continued to be popular in the Middle Ages, and then in World War II because there was a lack of pigs and cows at that time. Whether you bake it, roast it or fry it, chicken tastes great in a ton of different recipes like chicken enchilada recipes, roasted chicken recipes, fried chicken recipes and chicken kebab recipes. The meat takes well to any kind of spice or flavouring and the meat is nice and light, and doesn't leave people feeling too full after eating it. Some cultures even consider eating the chicken's feet to be a delicacy. Chickens were originally a type of jungle fowl, and originated in India but now there are different breeds of chicken all around the world which people raise for their meat and the eggs of the hens, the female chickens.

This Skillet French Onion Chicken recipe looks absolutely divine, with all of the onions and croutons with the melted cheese on top. If you love french onion soup recipes and the flavour that it brings, you will be sure to love this great chicken breast recipe. Thank you so much to Becky Hardin from the fabulous The Cookie Rookie food blog for this great and easy recipe. Check out more recipes on her food blog for more inspiration to add to your family dinner ideas to make your weekdays run as smoothly as possible. **

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