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The best soup can be healthy soups or comfort meal soups like this one. Jackie offers us a recipe

for a soup that is healthy and definitely a comfort meal soup as well. Healthy soups can be

recipes that you come across or they can also be variations of soup recipes you find. Not every

soup has totally healthy ingredients but with some flair and some patience you can always make

that soup recipe you find just a little healthier with your own added touch. The best soup is

always the one that you and your prospective diners love. That is easy especially when you know

their palates and what tickles them. You can substitute the beef in this one for chicken breast and

if you feel to you can even leave out the meat and add an extra veggie or tofu. That is the beauty

of recipes they are your guidelines and never feel trapped into putting every specific ingredient

and spices that they call for. The cooking time is the only part of any recipe you should strive to

maintain to keep it cooked properly. You can also put many soups in a slow cooker rather than

preparing them on the stovetop.

Healthy soup recipes don’t always have to be meat or veggie laden ones, you can incorporate many different types of fish and still make it into one of the many healthy soup recipes. This particular one calls for beef to be added. You can always go with the leaner cut of meat rather than stew beef that this one calls for. This helps in cutting down the fat content. Stew beef is alright when cooked over a long period, 2 hours minimum, like this one calls for but you can also use softer and leaner cuts and just cut down on the cooking time. That is just one way to make the soup healthier and also changing the cooking time to help in the replacing of the meat called for. Always remember that you can adapt to any addition you make by always altering your cooking time and this can also be achieved by changing the cooking vessel. Slow cookers are great for cooking things for long periods of time thus allowing for you to take care of other things while the cooking process is completed.As with most soups that add meat to the mix, like this one, you should always attempt to first caramelize and lock in the flavor of the meat by searing it over high heat. This not only locks in the flavor but give the soup a heartier taste since the particles left on the bottom after searing are little bits of taste incorporated right into the soup.

The next time you are looking for a comfort meal that will stick to the ribs and keep you satisfied

for along time then have a look at Jackie’s and bring some love into your kitchen. Thanks to Jackie of Syrup & Biscuits Blog for this yummy Grannys Beef Soup Recipe. Bon apetit.**

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