Skillet Rosemary Lemon Chicken

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Looking for an easy but hearty meal to cook without turning on the oven? One that’s easy to clean up afterwards? Well, here’s a recipe for Skillet Rosemary Lemon Chicken and it was made with all that in mind.

Oh, this is a juicy chicken recipe that we’re sure you’re gonna love. And if you’re growing herbs out in your garden, then feel free to change up some of these ingredients as well! We just happen to adore lemon and rosemary, though, so we’re huge advocates of cooking this one just as it is. Oh! And the mushrooms? We’ll use any excuse to fry up some mushrooms in the skillet, and this is a pretty darned good one!And the best thing about it is you just need one pan to do it all in. Just ONE pan! Can you believe it? A lovely meal that’s gonna serve your whole family, and just one pan to clean up afterwards. Maybe you’ll even have a few offers from those who want to do the dishes!The next best thing about this Rosemary Lemon Chicken recipe is that it only takes about 30 minutes to make! Another great bonus for any time, but particularly summer when you don’t want to spend any longer than you have to indoors, let alone the kitchen. This wonderful recipe comes from Kelly over at the “Life Made Sweeter” blog! In addition to being the proud Mom of two beautiful kids, she’s also the cook, writer, and photographer of this delicious website. Thanks Kelly for taking some time out of your busy schedule to share these awesome recipes with us!

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