Skillet Seared Salmon with Garlic Lemon Butter Sauce

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Salmon is a fish rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids, making it incredibly healthy to include on the weekly menu. Besides being a healthy food to serve your family, this fish also can pick up flavour like a dream and cooks very quickly. This skillet seared salmon with garlic lemon butter sauce recipe is sure to give you a tasty, restaurant-quality dish within minutes in your home, making it an ideal easy meal for any day of the week. Jaclyn, the writer of Cooking Classy recipe blog, came up with this salmon recipe to have something fast on the table during the week. She says that the bonus of this saucy salmon recipe for dinner is that you can cook it in five minutes if necessary, but that if you have slightly more time, this tasty salmon will do up nicely in twenty minutes. That will be enough time for you to steam some vegetables and make a rice pilaf to go alongside as well.

Skillet searing is one of the best ways to cook salmon because you can achieve a golden colour and crust on the exterior and control the doneness more easily compared with putting it in the oven. There are different ideas on the benefits of searing meat and fish, but one of them is that the caramelization on the outside adds flavour, while another thought is that the searing locks in the juices and keep the protein tender. Whatever the case may be, this skillet salmon recipe is incredibly juicy, tender and delicious. Although you could use any non-stick skillet you like to make your salmon, a cast iron skillet works the best, especially if it is well-seasoned already. A non-stick pan is a good idea for anyone who is looking to reduce their fat intake because it doesn’t require very much butter or oil to prevent items from sticking. If a cast iron skillet is seasoned well, it will be just as non-stick as any other non-stick coating, and will also maintain even heat allowing an even sear on the salmon in this skillet recipe.

If you are looking for salmon dinner menu ideas for a special dinner, this version would be amazing simply because of its luscious lemony butter sauce. Despite the simplicity of this salmon recipe, the sauce elevates it to the point that it would be suitable for serving to guests. The sauce is slightly tangy from fresh lemon juice with the milky taste of butter and the spicy flavour of garlic. Chicken broth extends the sauce and adds even more savoury flavour. If desired, substitute part of all of the chicken broth for white wine when serving this salmon recipe to guests. The white wine would add even more tanginess and compliment the lemon juice and butter perfectly. To complete the meal, roasted mini potatoes and blanched green beans or asparagus would be perfect without overtaking the delicate flavour of the fish in this dinner recipe.

Although Jaclyn calls for skinless salmon fillets, you can use ones with skin if desired. Many salmon recipes call for the skin to be left on, because it helps the fish to hold together better, and some people enjoy the taste of crispy fish skin. If you can only buy salmon fillets with skin, but would rather not cook them with the skin, you can do it yourself. Removing skin from fish is relatively easy since all you have to do is gently slide a knife until the edge of the skin. Thank you to Jaclyn, the writer of Cooking Classy recipe blog, for sharing her skillet seared salmon recipe with us.

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