Skinny Cobb Salad

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Enjoy this Skinny Cobb Salad recipe that includes a bunch of veggies and lettuce that taste great when they are blended together this way. This skinny cobb salad recipe combines great greens including avocado along with super proteins such as chicken and eggs. So this salad will be delicious as well as really filling and good to eat. The salad recipe recommends that you add commercial dressing, but if you want to really kick your salad up a nutritional notch, just blend olive oil, garlic, and lemon with a bit of salt and pepper and put that on this terrific salad. That way, you eliminate a lot of fatty ingredients, include good fats, as well as terrific antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, not to mention the great taste of fresh lemon. Even grate the lemon peel over the salad to make it look pretty and taste even fresher and better (if that is even possible!).

This recipe includes three types of protein, the chicken, the eggs, and the turkey bacon. That is a lot of protein, and so this dish will likely fill you up quite quickly. The good fats from the avocado (as well as the protein in this powerhouse of a veggie) will perfectly complement the proteins and work with the complex carbohydrates to produce a salad recipe that is probably pretty perfectly balanced between the fats, proteins and carbs that we all need to eat each day. One way to possibly bump up the carbs and increase the fiber, which we all need each day, would be to add a small amount of beans. It would not matter too much what kind of beans you add, including possibly garbanzo beans, kidney beans, or black beans, but black beans might offer the best flavor complement as well as look prettiest in this colorful salad recipe combination.

This is a very quick and super easy dish to make, whether you want to eat it for dinner, or for your supper. Most people would not eat this dish for breakfast, although it is certainly action packed enough that you could easily start your day with this terrific dish. To make it super easy to make, buy the chicken and turkey already cooked for you. You could even buy the eggs already prepared; it can sometimes be surprising what you can buy pre-cooked at the local grocery store. And the eggs will add some super protein to this dish, and complement and complete the protein that is also provided by the chicken. Together, they are a great blend for this salad. Enjoy this dish every day, if you like. It is a great lunch or dinner accompaniment, and everyone will certainly enjoy it.

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