Skinny Cookie Dough Bites

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Okay, now really, do you think it is reasonable that a cookie could be skinny? Right, and thats not what you can expect from these Skinny Cookie Dough Bites. What you can expect, however, is a punch of flavor from every bite you pop in your mouth. And these great little cookies are made up quickly and easily from ingredients you can buy at your local grocery store.

In the past several years people have become increasingly aware of the need to eat foods that are healthier, contain less processed sugars, fewer carbohydrates, additives, preservatives, and more protein and natural goodness. This recipe hits the mark on every count. This recipe blend also meets the needs of people who want to go gluten- and dairy- free. But dont let that stop you. Recipes that meet dietary needs have become really delicious to eat as well.

It is also the perfect recipe for kids of every age and the ingredients can even be pre-prepared so kids can prepare their own cookie dough bites when they want a snack.

One of the ingredients called for is gluten-free chocolate chips. These are now so popular they can be purchased at most local grocery stores. Once you try them, you may never buy the other chips again. They are a really great blend of chocolate and somehow making them gluten, dairy, and nut free improves the flavor, too. Try some for yourself and see. They look, smell, bake and cook up just like regular chocolate chips do.

These cookies do not require any cooking so they are the perfect snack for young ones to make up for themselves whenever they want. The dry ingredients can be pre-mixed and the rest of the ingredients can be left in small jars on the counter or within easy reach in a cupboard. Tape the recipe to the dry ingredients jar and let everyone that wants some cookies make up the blend for themselves (and maybe for everyone else, too). There is really no way to go wrong and kids will love being able to fend for themselves in this way. The recipe calls for the dry ingredients to be blended in a food processor with the wet ingredients. This is easier, but kids can do it by hand, too. And these cookies dont need to be perfectly blended to taste great. Try some today at your house!

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