Skinny Cream Cheese Lemon Cake

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Try this skinny cream cheese lemon cake that uses reduced fat yogurt and cream cheese, but still creates a nice, flavorful dessert that is good enough for a lot of different occasions. This dessert could be served for lunch, dinner, afternoon snacks or any other place where a simple and not too filling or sweet a dish is desired. It can also be dressed up with added fruit or even additional toppings, such as whipped cream or ice cream. The nice thing about this dish is that the lemon flavor is great by itself, or blended with other ingredients.

Lemon and cream cheese are wonderfully complementary flavors. The zesty lemon highlights the tang of the cheese, and the lemon is tamed and toned down a wee bit with the richness of the cream cheese. Together, it is a winning combination that comes together in many cake, cookie and pie recipes. This recipe also draws on commercial boxed cake mix to make the process of baking this cake smoother and easier. It adds extra punch to the cake, and makes it taste much more homemade, with the addition of other ingredients. This is a great way to pull together a cake quickly, when you don’t have time to make something from scratch completely, and yet end up with good results.

This lemon cake has fewer calories and less fat because of the use of the lower fat cheese and yogurt, something plenty of cake eaters will appreciate. It allows you to indulge in something wonderful without feeling so guilty about the pleasure of it all. This cake will serve up well for lots of occasions from lunch in the park to dinner with friends and everything in between. Treat yourself today and make this for an afternoon snack with tea.

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