Skinny Orange Creamsicle Poke Cake

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You have to love the sound of, skinny, in this Skinny Orange Creamsicle Poke Cake, especially if it is late spring and, like everyone else, you want to drop those deep winter 10 pounds before bathing suit time. This recipe substitutes egg whites for whole eggs, uses applesauce for the oil, and low calorie orange juice. That creates a cake that is light and delicious as well as action packed with protein and vitamin C.

The orange juice also makes the cake a very pretty orange. You can buy a cake mix that is orange cake, but it might be more likely you will find a yellow or basic white cake. Any choice works just fine with this recipe.

If you are trying to lighten up on some of your desserts, here are a few things to try. As this recipe does, use egg whites instead of the whole egg. Or, just use one-half the egg yolks the recipe calls for. Instead of using oil, try applesauce or even yogurt. Just replace one-half the fat that is called for with this ingredient. It is often a successful substitute in many recipes. Prune puree can work in chocolate cake or spice cakes.

Other ways to get the fat count down in desserts is to cut the piece just a bit smaller. Think one or two bites less. That can really add up over time. Or make Angel Food Cake. It's about as low fat as it gets. Rather than putting fruit and nuts in to the cake, just sprinkle them lightly on top of the cake.

And, every once in awhile, treat yourself to a full fat dessert, whether it is pie, squares, brownies, cake, ice cream of some other delight. Go out to a great restaurant and have it served to you. Choose tea, coffee, espresso or some other drink to go with it. Bring a friend or go alone. It doesn't matter. But make it something you do, for you, to reward yourself for all the hard work you do to stay in shape and keep you and your family eating well. You deserve it.

Until then, try this skinny version of orange poke cake. It's rich, tangy, pretty to look at, and your family will love it. No need to tell them it's calorie friendly, either. Find out how to make this recipe and many others at the website, The Domestic Rebel, by following the link below.

Nutrition Facts of the Skinny Orange Creamsicle Poke Cake from The Domestic Rebel
Ingredients: Orange cake mix, orange juice, egg whites, unsweetened applesauce, orange, orange cream yogurt, Cool Whip
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet * The entire recipe has been calculated for 20 servings *Per Serving:Calories 207, Calories from Fat 80, Total Fat 8.9g 14%, Saturated Fat 5.5g 28%, Cholesterol 1mg 0%, Sodium 190mg 8%, Potassium 87mg 2%, Carbohydrates 30.2g 10%, Dietary Fiber 0.3g 1%, Sugars 23.4g, Protein 2.2g, Vitamin A 1%, Vitamin C 18%, Calcium 5%, Iron 3%

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