Slab Apple Pie

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This slab apple pie recipe is an interesting and novel way to make up every one’s favorite treat, apple pie. And the result is more like an apple pie pizza where every one can get a slice, with some people demanding the edges and others demanding the gooey middle. But however you serve it up, it will be a real treat for every one to enjoy. So try this slab apple pie recipe soon. And before you decry the sugar that is in this dish, remember that apples are a terrific and nutritious food that every one should eat plenty of. There is just no downside to eating apples, especially when you eat them whole and fresh. For this apple pie recipe, keep the skins on to bump up the nutrition even more and get more fiber in to the foods your family eats, some thing that most of us can use a whole lot more of in our daily eating plans.

Apples are quite an astonishing fruit, and one that does not really get the credit it deserves for all the nutrition it brings, as well as for their versatility. Apples can be served with savory dishes as well as sweet ones. When you eat pork, nothing tastes quite as good along side of it as apple compote. They are delicious served alone, but they can also work well as a complement to other fruits and veggies. Baked apples and carrots are yummy together, especially if you cook them with a bit of butter and brown sugar and curry. This is just one idea for apples, and there are literally hundreds of other ways to prepare them. Apples are also fabulous when served as a sweet dish, as this one for slab apple pie attests. This dish calls for lots of apples; so do not skimp on the recipe. And be sure to keep the skins on when you chop the apples. There is just no reason not to, and plenty of reasons to eat that fiber up. Apples also help to regulate blood sugar levels. So even though this dish has lots of added sugar, the apples themselves will help to regulate our body’s absorption of that sugar and so possibly help to avoid a sugar rush or sugar spike. The fiber also helps in this regard, again slowing down the absorption of sugar in to the blood stream.

So serve this quick and simple dish whenever you want to make a fast snack for the family. Made with commercial dough this slap apple pie recipe will come together incredibly easily and taste fabulous. So enjoy this slab apple pie recipe when ever the mood hits. Enjoy this soon with your family.

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