Slow Cooked Chicken Stuffed Pasta with Roasted Garlic Cream Sauce

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Slow Cooked Chicken Stuffed Pasta with Roasted Garlic Cream Sauce is a wonderful dish that can be served for family on a Sunday night, or saved for special guests when they visit. There are some special ingredients and cooking methods in this dish, which means you might want to read the recipe through carefully before you begin so you know how this pasta dish comes together. It is still a relatively straightforward meal that can be made any time you hanker for some pasta and chicken.

Chicken is great meat. It has a fairly light flavor when compared to beef or lamb and so sometimes even vegetarians will agree to eat this meat. You can also buy chicken now that has been raised in wonderful circumstances so their lives are healthy and happy ones, rather than the crowded conditions they once suffered. As well, your chicken can be entirely free from any hormones or additives, which is great news for your family. Just read the label when you buy to be sure you get the best chicken that your grocer has to offer. This recipe also calls for a whopping entire head of garlic. Do not panic. This head of garlic is baked (the website tells you how to do this) and then the flesh of the garlic is removed. This method or cooking results in a garlic flavor that is much more subtle than chopped or minced garlic. Baked garlic can also be blended with olive oil, salt and lemon to create a fabulous dip. Try it some time.

This is a great blend of chicken, pasta and cheese that is infused with baked garlic to create a lovely flavor throughout this dish. It comes together easily, will feed plenty of people, and contains ingredients that most enjoy. Be sure to try this recipe soon.

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