Slow Cooker 8-Can Taco Soup

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Enjoy this Slow Cooker 8-Can Taco Soup recipe and make soup for everyone in the household tonight. It is a thick and delicious soup that, when served with a big hunk of bread, will leave you full and satisfied. If you think that this Slow Cooker 8-Can Taco Soup recipe cannot possibly mean that you just dump eight cans of stuff in to the slow cooker and leave it to cook, well, you would be wrong. That is exactly how this recipe is made. And the way to getting great flavor out of it, in addition to all the excellent ingredients that are included in the Slow Cooker 8-Can Taco Soup recipe is by leaving it in the slow cooker to allow the flavors to mingle together.

The secret to the slow cooker lies in its name, slow cooker. The method comes from the Jewish tradition of leaving food to cook during the night of the Sabbath when no work would be allowed to be done the next day, even including turning on an oven and making up a meal. So, in order to have some dinner for everyone, the women would create their dishes the night before, and then leave them to cook long and slow over the night in the dying embers of the oven fire and heat. The next day the dish would be ready and it would be delicious. The slow cookers that we use today come directly out of that old tradition. And you do not need a special one in order to get great results. You could even buy a slow cooker that is in a second hand shop, and as long as it actually works, you could expect terrific results. The only secret to the slow cooker is leaving it to cook in its juices (so lid on) for a long period of time (sometimes even for the entire night!). So try this method with this soup if you have not had the opportunity to make a soup in your slow cooker before (or even if you have; this recipe is super yum).

This Slow Cooker 8-Can Taco Soup recipe blends lots of great ingredients. There are two different kinds of beans that go in to this soup. That means there is a great source of carbohydrates as well as protein, not to mention many other vitamins and minerals that form part of this recipe. Black beans are one of the beans in this recipe, and they are filled with great nutrition and helpful components for the digestive tract. There are also plenty of other reasons to love this soup including its great taste and how it fills you up and satisfies you.

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