Slow Cooker Au Gratin Potatoes

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Try this slow cooker au gratin potatoes recipe and you will likely never return to any au gratin potatoes recipe that requires you to laboriously make and bake them in the oven. The slow cooker is a wonder tool that has made cooking so many various foods so incredibly simple, it is almost hard to believe we could ever have cooked any foods without it. It is a fairly old tool, now, but like the microwave and electric kettles, the slow cooker has really made our lives in the kitchen a whole lot easier (some people might also add, the dish washer, but as a fan of the Zen nature of doing dishes, that invention is less enthralling for me, personally). In any event, this au gratin recipe for potatoes will be loved by everyone in the family, and now they are easier to make than ever before.

Au gratin, whether it is for this potatoes recipe or any other slow cooker recipes or just ordinary cooking recipes, is a French term that refers to a particular culinary method. Gratin means to create a crust or topping, usually for savory dishes and not for sweet ones, that is made from a variety of ingredients. Generally, these ingredients will include bread crumbs, cheese, possibly egg and perhaps some light seasoning, depending on what the gratin is going to be used for. Traditionally, au gratin preparations were more often reserved for vegetables such as potatoes (or onions, a forgotten, and delicious way to make this super food), and as a way to dress them up. An au gratin topping is often crunchy and brings texture and taste to a sometimes, otherwise, bland dish. Thus, its use in potatoes.

In any event, for this slow cooker au gratin potatoes recipe, the cheese and other ingredients are just tossed in to the slow cooker (which is the magical nature of this fantastic invention) and cooked. And that is pretty much all there is to it, to make great au gratin potatoes using this method. So just about any of the people in your family could make this fabulous dish with little effort at all. And for better nutrition, do not peel the potatoes. Leave the peel on, and just scrub the exterior well, removing any flaws that you might find on the potato. Leaving the skin on means that you add loads of fiber to this dish, an element of our daily food plan that most of us in North America severely neglect. As well, it ensures that you get all of the nutrition that is possible from this simple vegetable that is so versatile, adaptable and delicious. Enjoy this au gratin recipe tonight!

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