Slow Cooker Cabbage Roll Soup

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Slow Cooker Cabbage Roll Soup is a fabulous way to prepare this dish, and the slow cooker ensures perfect results every time. The slow cooker is a fairly old invention that is thought to have come out of a Jewish tradition. Since the Sabbath is a day when no work can be done, ovens were turned off for that day. In order to have food, cooks set their foods in side the ovens when they were turned off, and they were allowed to cook in the cooling oven over night. That way there was food for the Sabbath, but no work was done to make it. The process was patented and the first slow cookers came out more than 75 years ago. They have only become more and more popular ever since. From time to time, innovators try to change the simple design or workings of the slow cooker. But it is the simplicity of the process and design, where just a tiny amount of heat is used to keep a covered pot warm over a long period of time, that makes this process such a successful one. If you are about to buy your first pot, keep this in mind, and do not get seduced by the bells and whistles of a fancy design.

This recipe includes some great ingredients, beginning with using turkey as a substitute for the traditional beef that usually goes in to the making of cabbage rolls. This choice of meat is a nice alternative. If you are concerned about the life style that turkeys have while they are alive, ask for pasture raised turkey at the grocery store. It is not the most common meat to find, but it is becoming increasingly asked for by consumers who are concerned with the quality of life that feed animals enjoy while they are alive. As well, there is an increasing body of research that suggests 100 per cent pasture raised animals may provide a higher quality meat. Turkeys that have the ability to free range on leguminous pastures have better ratios of omega six to omega three fats in them. Turkey, eaten without the skin, is associated with lower risks of pancreatic cancer, when it is eaten in amounts up to four ounces each day. Turkey is also a very high source of protein, and protein rich foods have been associated with keeping insulin levels more level after eating them. Turkey provides some where between 30 and 35 grams of protein in a four ounce serving. That is compared to tuna with 26 grams of protein, or egg whites, which for the same weight, provide 12 grams. So eat this dish and enjoy what it has to offer.

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