Slow Cooker Cheesecake

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Try this Slow Cooker Cheesecake recipe and see just what an extraordinary dessert you can make in a slow cooker. This kitchen gadget is just the most amazing invention of the 20th century, and maybe even of the twenty first century too! This slow cooker cheesecake recipe will surprise and delight anyone who enjoys this dessert. It is rich and filling and delicious, and served with caramel sauce (what could be better?). So try this Slow Cooker Cheesecake recipe today, and be amazed at how well it can turnout when it is prepared in a slow cooker.

Slow cookers came about from the Jewish method of making food in the dying embers of the oven fires. The tradition was to turn off the ovens on the night of the Sabbath. Even food could not be prepared on that day, and so, in order that families would have food to eat, food was placed in the embers of the fires and near the heat of the oven and allowed to cook slowly during the night. The next day, as a result of the slow heat, the food was juicy and tender and cooked perfectly. The slow cooker was invented as a result of this observation. And even today, you do not need a particularly good slow cooker, or even an expensive one, in order to get the same fabulous results. Although the first slow cookers were used for meat and meat dishes, including chicken and fish, today, the uses of the slow cooker have greatly expanded. For example, many desserts can now be made in the slow cooker. It is an economical and great way to prepare food, and almost everything seems to turn out quite perfectly using it. So try it out and see for yourself. This is a great slow cooker cheesecake recipe that you will certainly enjoy.

The recipe is quite straightforward to make, although you do have to construct the slow cooker in a particular way to make sure it cooks properly. Take some time to read through the set of instructions on the site, Domestic Superhero, so that you know and understand how to make the slow cooker cheesecake recipe according to the instructions.

Cheese cake is an old cake that comes out of an ancient tradition. It has also been called a honey cake. The cake was given out during very early Olympic games in Greece as the prize for the athletes. So you know this cake is very old. And almost every culture has a cheese cake or honey cake recipe of some kind or other. It is one of the very earliest cakes that we know about. Enjoy this slow cooker cheesecake today!

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