Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumpling

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This Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumplings recipe offers a tasty meal that is convenient and easy to prepare in your slow cooker. Is there such a thing as the perfect recipe for chicken and dumplings? As an Irish woman, nothing says dinner to me as much as some thing that is filled with comforting textures and tastes such as chicken and dumplings. The modern twist to cook this dish in a slow cooker is pure genius. I remember as a girl watching my mother make this dish and worry and pine over the dumplings and whether there was sufficient moisture in the pot to cook them, whether they would rise properly, if the steam would form on the top of the pot under the lid, and so many other things. I never recall any thing but a perfect meal from her, but I think a crock pot might have made her life a bit easier.

The slow cooker is just another name for a crock pot. Fundamentally, these pieces of equipment work on the principle that a small container that encases the food and captures the moisture inside the pot set on a low heat for many hours will produce a delicious dish. Genius. It does. And perfection is what you can almost always expect from some thing made with the slow cooker. Of course, this chicken and dumpling recipe uses a number of quick steps that help this dish move along. For one thing, the sauce is made from chicken soup that you buy from the grocery store. This can be a good method, but always watch the levels of sodium that you find in these tinned soups. As well, this choice will increase the cost. Finally, eating too much processed food teaches the palette to always expect some what sweet, a bit salty food, and loses the capacity to identify real flavor. As well, chicken breasts are used in this easy recipe. That is great, but consider trying the dark meat. It does have a bit more fat, but since chicken is so low in fat, this is not a concern. As well, dark meat is much juicier and tenderer, and can add a lot of flavor to any dish where it is added in. So consider the dark meat.

Finally, the biscuits for this chicken and dumpling recipe are from your grocer’s freezer. These types of dumplings are not quite what a homemade recipe would provide for flavor and texture, but in a pinch will certainly do the trick! Consider making your biscuits from scratch. Even if they are less than perfect, they will have unbeatable flavor, and none of the additives or preservatives that you will find in the commercial tins. As well, you can choose unbleached and organic flours and control the amount of sugar and salt that you add to the biscuits. Enjoy this recipe soon for dinner at your house.

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