Slow Cooker Chicken Burrito Bowls

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Enjoy this Slow Cooker Chicken Burrito Bowls recipe that will make a great dinner for you and your family tonight. This burrito recipe is really almost a stew made with chicken and other Mexican style ingredients. The burrito recipe calls for chicken thighs, but of course, you could use a whole chicken or any part of the chicken that you and your family prefer. Of course, many of us prefer to eat chicken breast, thinking that there is a substantial difference in the fat content. But the fat in chicken, regardless of which part of it you eat, is really quite low. So use the whole chicken, and consider using the dark meat. It is very delicious, and much more moist than the white meat. As well, the thigh is often quite a bit cheaper to buy. So think dark meat, especially in a recipe where a stew is being made and the meat will be only one part of many ingredients that combine to make the dish up.

In this chicken burrito recipe, a lot of great ingredients are used. For example, black beans are part of this recipe. Black beans are considered such an important food source, that they are part of the food pyramid in Brazil. Many central and south American countries use black beans as a staple food. And their protein and high fiber content is great for good nutrition and our good health. Black beans are also loaded with vitamins and minerals. For example, you can find iron, thiamin, magnesium and potassium in black beans, not to mention calcium and phosphorous, among a number of other trace elements. So black beans are good food and great nutrition. In addition this slow cooker chicken burrito recipe includes corn, which is also a source of fiber (but is high in sugar). There is also brown rice called for in this recipe. The recipe, found at the site, Foxes Love Lemons, suggests that you use instant brown rice. This is an expensive choice. You can also just buy ordinary brown rice, and make it up. It does not take that long to make, and you can make up the entire package and freeze the rest. Then, whenever you have a need for brown rice, just pull it out of the freezer. It does dry a small amount when you follow this method, but it works wonderfully well in stews, or other dishes like that.

Enjoy this dish that blends great chicken with lots of nutritious veggies and grains. It is easy to make and everyone will enjoy this burrito recipe when you make it tonight. It is filling and has great black beans, rice and corn in it.

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