Slow Cooker Chicken Caesar Sandwiches

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Caesar salad is a favourite among many people. Think of that same great flavour but in sandwich form! Here is an awesome recipe for Slow Cooker Chicken Caesar Sandwiches! The author Courtney and her husband used to make this type of thing back in their college days when they were first dating. It was one of their splurge kind of meals when they were on a budget and couldn't afford to eat out. So they got creative in preparing themselves so m easy meals!

This one is even easier than most recipes, because its made to be cooked in a slow cooker! So you can basically just throw everything in and cook it and assemble the sandwiches when you are ready to eat! How awesome is that?! Basically, as you will find out in the recipe, you just use all the same flavours and seasonings you would for a caesar salad but you put it into the meat and then it simmers in the sauce all day so you have a really nice, tender, flavourful meat when you get home in the evening.

The caesar salad was created by Caesar Cardini, a chef from Italy, and he operated restaurants in Mexico and the United States mostly in San Diego and Tijuana. He created the salad on a very busy night at the restaurant in 1924 and it has been a hit ever since! I even remember loving it as a kid growing up. My cousin and I made it together when we were probably no older than 10 years old. I remember I loved the anchovies and not many people do!

So now this is a new way to enjoy that caesar salad flavour in a new way! Head over to NeighborFood by following the link in the description below for more!

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