Slow Cooker Chicken Corn Chowder

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It doesn’t get much easier than this healthy slow cooker recipe. Put all your ingredients into your slow cooker, shred the chicken breast with two forks, and stir in a few more ingredients. That's all it takes to make this easy chicken breast recipe, and dinner is served. It is highly recommended to serve this easy corn chowder with a load of French bread on the side. The French bread is perfect to dip into the leftover chowder at the bottom of your bowl. This easy corn chowder recipe is the perfect idea to keep you warm on those cold days. For this chicken breast recipe, you'll need boneless skinless chicken breasts, low sodium chicken broth, small red, gold, or brown potatoes, diced green chiles, white or yellow onion, cream-style corn, heavy cream, garlic powder, bacon, salt and pepper to taste and freshly chopped parsley. For the full step by step healthy slow cooker recipe, you'll want to take a look at the Creme De La Crumb recipe site.

Chicken breasts are the secret weapon in this easy corn chowder recipe. Chicken breast are a healthy protein option that can be grilled, baked, pound into cutlets, and tossed into a stir-fry. When it comes to buying chicken breasts for your chicken breast recipes, there are some tips you will want to follow if you plan to freeze them for future use. Chicken is one of the diciest ingredients in the kitchen, and salmonella poisoning is a real threat if raw poultry isn't handled properly. If you are cutting up and freezing a family pack of chicken breasts after you have purchased them from the store, you want to do this as soon as you get home. Or put the poultry in the refrigerator immediately until you have some time to package and freeze it. You want to store chicken in the refrigerator no longer than two days before cooking or freezing.

After handling raw poultry, it's important that you thoroughly clean everything that the chicken came in contact with to include knives, cutting boards, kitchen countertops, and your hands. One thing you don't need to wash is the poultry itself. A rinse under the kitchen faucet could in fact splash bacteria all over onto kitchen counters and kitchen utensils, which raises the risk of contamination. The best way to freeze chicken breasts is to remove the chicken breasts from the grocery store container before you freeze them. But for flavor and to protect the moisture inside the chicken breasts, it is always best to repackage. The best at-home packaging method for freezing chicken breasts is vacuum-sealing with a machine such as a FoodSaver. Vacuum sealing helps to remove the air from the packaging and also heat-seals the edges of the bag. If you don't have a food saver machine, you can place the chicken breasts into freezer bags and manually push out as much of the air as possible before zipping them closed. If you want to leave the chicken breasts in the package that it came in, the USDA advises that you wrap the food container in some aluminum foil, freezer paper or plastic wrap. This helps to add a barrier between the chicken breasts and the air in the freezer. The goal when freezing chicken breasts is to prevent freezer burn, which can happen when the chicken breasts are exposed to freezer air and become dehydrated and oxidized.

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