Slow Cooker Chicken Masala

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The Slow Cooker Chicken Tikka Masa recipe we are sharing here is great for both a weeknight meal or if you don't feel like spending much time in the kitchen on a weekend day, this is a very nice meal choice.

The recipe offers a couple of methods, depending on the time you have available but one method is streamlined for that extra busy person that literally wants to just 'dump' all the ingredient into the pot and turn it on. When you cook chicken in this type of recipe, it always is so tender that is just melts in your mouth. Any recipe offers the opportunity to coconut milk also wins my favor!

Do you know the difference in coconut milks? You can purchase coconut milk in boxes, powdered and in cans. Canned coconut milk and cream is easy to find, and there is usually a selection of brands and generally one Asian brand. Some cans are only coconut and water. Some have preservatives, stabilizers, and emulsifiers. Some have guar gum that gives digestive problems to certain people. If you want a great canned product that is additive free, there is a Savoy Coconut Cream available. It is thicker than milk but can always be diluted.

Try to avoid BPA on the label as well when you make your choice of coconut milks.Read the labels on the boxed coconut milks or aseptic cartons and again avoid any that have BPA on them.

The coconut milk and cream powders are made from dried coconut meat and usually mixed with milk or casein and other additives. The advantage is you can make as little or much as you need. It comes in small packages as well and again watch for the BPA.

The concentrated coconut cream is a good choice as it is concentrate coconut cream, paste or butter made from the coconut meat and has no additives. It does contain fibre, but that can be diluted if you want. It usually comes in glass or plastic pouches.

The refrigerated coconut milk is more like a drink than a cooking milk.

Often it is a watered down version and has additives. For cooking this should be avoided.

For those that are wondering what BPA is, it is Bisphenol A and is found in plastics and coatings of food and canned drinks. It can behave like an estrogen or other hormones on the body. It is being suggested in the health world to avoid this substance.

Now to get to the recipe for this Slow Cooker Chicken Tikka Masa please visit 'The Kitchn' website below. This is a great recipe we know you will love!

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