Slow Cooker Chicken Tortellini Soup

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There are many delicious easy soup ideas out there and here you have one that can be added to your healthy soups book. Your weekly family planner has just gotten another addition as well since the fact that it can be cooked in a slow cooker allows for you to still do other things while it slowly and luxuriously cooks all the flavors into one excellent soup. The fact that everything goes into one cooking vessel and can be cooking as you make a great dessert is why this is such a great addition for your easy soup ideas file. Healthy soups are not always ones that take a lot of muss and fuss and this recipe from Alyssa proves that. If your weekly family planner has a soup offering then consider this one since it has chicken for protein, pasta noodles for starch and broth for that extra bit of love. Soup is the comfort food to beat all comfort foods since it is great any time of day, any time of year and whether you are sick or not.

It can be very filling like this soup recipe or it can be light if you go with a broth and some noodles.

Healthy soup recipes don’t always have to be meat or veggie ones, you can incorporate many different types of fish and still make it into one of the many healthy soup recipes. This particular one calls for chicken to be added. You can easily go with the breast alone to cut down on the fat content but make sure to add the chicken close to the end if it is breast meat since it does not need a long cooking time and will dry up if overcooked, even in liquid. Always remember that you can adapt to any addition you make by always altering your cooking time and this can also be achieved by changing the cooking vessel. Slow cookers are great for cooking things for long periods of time thus allowing for you to take care of other things while the cooking process is completed.

Tortellini are a great addition to soups since they are very tasty when cooked in a flavored liquid like soup. They take on the flavors and trap them inside. There are many different stories that try to explain the first time that tortellini were prepared and served. They are thought to have originated in Modena a city in the Northern Central region of Italy. There are many different regions to also lay claim to their origin but wherever they came from they are a welcome addition to many different recipes. You can always find them in soup or own their own in a lovely sauce.

Alyssa includes them in her soup recipe but you can always change them to ravioli and have the same idea just a different shape. Tortellini are round with a hole in the middle while ravioli are square. Thanks to Alyssa of The Recipe Critic Blob for this yummy Slow Cooker Tortellini Soup Recipe and bon apetit.**

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