Slow Cooker Chili

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Slow Cooker Chili is a method of cooking that almost always ensures a fantastic result. The slow cooker, because of the low heat and with the lid keeping the moisture inside the pot, returns a feast every time, even with the simplest of ingredients. And any one can be a good cook using this method of food preparation. So if you do not own a slow cooker, consider buying one. They are often available to buy as a second hand item and for, literally, only a few dollars. But their return on your investment is far greater than that. So buy one soon, or get it on your wish list so that some one buys it for you!

Chili is a great dish that you can really beef up for good nutrition. Beef is a great place to start. It provides plenty of protein as well as vitamin B6 and B12 as well as iron. Today, 100 percent grass fed beef is often the preferred meat to buy. That is because of its demonstrated and well researched superiority in product. Grass feeding improves the meat, and enriches the beef in omega three fats, vitamin E, beta carotene and a beneficial fatty acid, CLA. These are good reasons to look carefully at the meat that you buy and to ensure that it is 100 per cent grass fed (not 100 per cent grass finished). This is yet another reason to read our food labels carefully.

Another important addition to chili is the beans. Consider doubling or tripling the amount of beans that you put in to this dish and dishes like this one. They work fabulously with the tomato that is often used in this dish, and bolster the nutrition up many levels. It does not really matter what type of beans that you use, although beans are not all equal in nutritional value. Still, most beans add a lot of goodness to the mix. Most beans will add tremendous food value in terms of bolstering the fiber and protein content of the dish. As well, black beans are a particularly good choice. Black beans are so nutritious that in Brazil they are in their own food group in the food pyramid that so many countries maintain. Black beans rank some what higher than other beans such as lentils or chick peas. That is because, in part, the indigestible fraction (IF) of black beans is greater. That means it provides more support to the colon and helps the digestive tract to function that much more efficiently.

Together the beef and beans make this chili an action packed meal that you and your family will really enjoy. Make it soon, won't you?

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