Slow Cooker Crack Chicken

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Here we have another healthy slow cooker recipe. This is a great recipe for dinner that can be set to cook and left alone for up to 8 hours of slow cooking joy. This along with many other easy chicken breast recipes are a great way to get protein into your meal while still affording you time for other things. That is the beauty and ease when cooking a meal in a slow cooker. These will definitely be the wave of future cooking since they are easy to operate and if you have a busy schedule make it easy for you to make a wholesome meal for your family while still being able to go to work or do things around the house. These days life is a lot more hectic than years ago. Nowadays both spouses are usually working and with the kids in school there is not much time for you to create a healthy and satisfying meal for the family. Easy chicken breast recipes like this one from Shelly are all about helping you to do both. You can produce a healthy slow cooker recipe that can easily be included in your great recipes for dinner file. When it comes to ease of cooking the slow cooker is a great option. Consider getting one to add to your cooking vessel arsenal.

These great cooking products have been with us since the early 1950’s. Cooking meals in a slow cooker is a great idea since it gives you time to do other things while the meal slowly cooks and your recipe comes to life. The first brand of slow cooker to make a significant impact on the kitchen aid market was the Crock Pot that was invented by the Naxon Utilities Company Of Chicago, Illinois. Since this product emerged in the marketplace cooking has never been the same. You can literally find thousands of recipes that call for the use of a slow cooker in the process. Slow cookers are made to make meals easy and not much fuss. Primarily used for stews in which tough cuts of meat are cooked over long period of time to help break down the fibrous tissue that connects meat to muscle. Since their inception they have become frequently found in most kitchen and commercial establishments as well.

This recipe form Shelly makes the whole prep to ready process a breeze. She literally only uses three ingredients and that being said it doesn’t get much simpler than that. She allows for your own inspiration when it comes to spices and if you want you can substitute the chicken breast for thighs or even drumsticks. The cooking time will not vary that much in between the three different cuts of chicken. Always make sure to clean all counters and utensils used in cutting and preparing your chicken since it is highly laden with bacteria and they can actually live for a few days under the proper conditions. Thanks to Shelly of Cookies & Cups Blog for this yummy Slow Cooker Crack Chicken Recipe and bon apetit.**

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