Slow Cooker Cream and Ale Short Ribs

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These Cream & Ale ribs are going to appeal to the grown-ups for sure, so this could be a perfect dinner choice for the next time you are entertaining. This is a crock pot or slow cooker meal, so you can already well imagine how tender the meat is going to be. This recipe is for beef ribs, not pork ribs.

Let us find out a little bit of information about both types of ribs. The first thing we need to know is that beef ribs are from a cow and pork ribs are from a pig.

Beef ribs have less fat than pork. When you cook with pork ribs, the fat in them means they auto-baste. Because beef ribs have so little fat, it means you need to pay attention and do the basting in order to keep them tender. The crock-pot or slow cooker in the case of this recipe takes care of that for you, and they are cooked in liquid.

When you are choosing beef ribs the toughest cuts off the cow offer the best flavors. There are two types of beef ribs. There are back ribs and short ribs. A cow has 13 ribs on each side. If you consider the anatomy of the cow, the first five ribs are from the 'Chuck' and the next seven ribs are from the 'rib' section of the cow. Ribs 6-12 are where the true beef ribs are located. When you see a long slender rack of ribs, that is what is left after the butcher cuts off the rib roast. Shop carefully when you do your selecting as the bottom ends of the ribs, which are in the short plate, in most cases were just cut off the rack and packaged as short ribs. The true short ribs come from the short plate and are named as such. Don't let the 'short name' fool you as the butcher can also cut them large. They are a tough cut with the best flavor with proper preparation.

Now to the other short rib available. The Chuck short rib. These are cut from those first five ribs. They are more tender with the flavor more of a pot roast. Next are country-style ribs from the chuck. These are cut either with bones in or out. This section is good for stir-fries and fajitas. So are you totally confused now or enlightened!!!

When in doubt you can always ask the butcher and tell him what you are making. Like many meat cuts though, it may be trial and error finding your favorite flavors.

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