Slow Cooker Cream Cheese and Potato Soup

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Try out this Slow Cooker Cream Cheese and Potato Soup recipe, and see just how delicious and fabulous this combination of ingredients can taste for dinner for you and your family tonight. This potato soup recipe gets kicked up a notch when you add in the cream cheese. The cream cheese in the potato soup recipe adds a lot of tangy flavor, some thickness, and improves the color and appearance of this simple soup recipe. You and your family will surely enjoy its fresh flavor.

This is a quick and easy soup recipe that you can make even quicker and easier when you use a slow cooker to make it. The slow cooker is a tremendous and valuable asset in your kitchen. If you do not own one, put it on your wish list, and be sure to buy as soon as you are able to do so. They are a cheap and wonderfully convenient way to prepare many dishes. As well, they almost always ensure a terrific product when you are done. Finally, it is just one dish, and if it is a bit awkward to clean, it is still better than having to wash multiple pots and pans after dinner. The way that the crock pot works is twofold. First, the lid is kept on during the cooking process. That step ensures that the liquids or the moisture from whatever ingredients you are cooking remain in the food. That means that whatever you are preparing will remain moist throughout the cooking process. So your meat, chicken, fish and vegetables will have great moisture. There is no drying out, which can happen when you bake things in the oven, for example. Second, the food is cooked over very low heat in a crock pot, and for many hours. This step comes from the history of the crock pot itself. The crock pot was designed after the practice of Jewish housewives who would leave their food to cook in the cooling embers of the ovens that they shut down for the Sabbath. Tradition demanded that the housewives not cook on that day, and to ensure that they had some thing to eat, the housewives would put their covered pots of food in to the ovens, allowing the food to cook during the night in the slow and low heat from the turned off ovens. Today’s crock pot emulates that low and slow method and so helps to produce these perfect and juicy results. So enjoy this potato soup recipe, which is made using this age old practice with a new device. You will really enjoy the flavors of cheese and potato, a blend that will have everyone lined up for seconds.

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