Slow Cooker Creamed Corn

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If you grew up eating canned cream corn, just wait until you try this slow cooker creamed corn recipe. Somehow this corn recipe has a much more authentic corn flavour, which is due in part to the use of actual corn, but also because the corn is pureed into the sauce as well. Jen, the author of Carl’s Bad Cravings recipe blog, came up with this easy creamed corn recipe as part of a Thanksgiving feast, and her trick of pureeing some corn into the sauce is one of the things that makes this dish so good. The sauce becomes creamier and much more full of that corn flavour than it would be otherwise. Garnished with crispy bacon and earthy green onions, this simple corn dish will be great for any day of the week and not just Thanksgiving.

This creamed corn recipe is an ideal part of any comfort meal, but part of the appeal of making it for a holiday feast is that it takes little effort and can be prepared in the crockpot entirely. This leaves room on the stovetop and in the oven for the other dishes. This slow cooker recipe will also be ideal if you are a guest in someone’s home because you can prepare it before the event, bring it in the slow cooker, and plug it in when you get there. Don’t limit making this dish just for a special get-together, though. While it looks complicated, like other crock pot recipes, it is incredibly easy and is just as perfect for a weeknight dinner. All the ingredients are combined in the crockpot and slow cooked all day until the mixture is heated through and the corn is tender.

While many creamed corn recipes rely on a creamy white sauce, otherwise known as béchamel, this version uses some cheeses to achieve the creamy texture. Ricotta and cream cheese are both subtle cheese flavours that won’t take over the sweet taste of the corn and will add a creaminess to this corn dish. All great crockpot recipes try to hit on various nuances of flavour because you won’t achieve what you would normally through browning or grilling. Jen has added several herbs and spices to her corn side dish to amp up the appeal, as well as chosen a garnish of green onions and bacon. While corn is very sweet, dried herbs like rosemary and thyme and aromatics like garlic and onion powder add a savoury quality that will make you keep going back for more.

Simple crock pot recipes will always try to give you tremendous results without being complicated, and that is why frozen corn is a good choice here. If you would like to make this dish in corn season, however, go right ahead, as the flavour will always be better. To remove corn kernels from the cob, simply use a knife to cut them off as close to the cob as possible.

Thank you to Jen, the author of Carl’s Bad Cravings, for sharing her slow cooker creamed corn recipe with us.

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