Slow Cooker Creamy Garlic Mashed Potatoes

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This creamy garlic mashed potatoes recipe is sure to become a family favourite with a perfectly creamy texture and plenty of garlic flavour. Although potatoes are typically a humble dish, this version incorporates a pretty sprinkling of chives which elevates it substantially. Despite the seeming complexity of garlic mashed potatoes recipes, this dish is actually very easy to prepare when you have a slow cooker on hand. The potatoes are placed in the crockpot with some water and seasonings before being allowed to cook to perfect tenderness over several hours. Once the potatoes are cooked, it is simply a matter of whipping them, garnishing them with butter and chopped chives, and serving. The best part is that this potato recipe can be kept warm until ready to serve as well, and it will still be as delicious as when freshly made. Jaclyn, the writer of the Cooking Classy recipe blog, came up with these easy mashed potatoes, and her family adores them. Hopefully, your family will love them just as much.

If you are searching for easy entertaining dinner ideas, look no further than this garlic potato recipe. The fact that these potatoes are made in a slow cooker means that they will be off the stove where you may have other foods simmering. Moreover, most of the time it takes to prepare this delicious potato recipe will be hands off so that you will have the time to do other things in preparation for the dinner. Besides these facts, the potatoes also go into the crockpot with their skins on, so there is no peeling required. Just make sure the potatoes are cubed into equal-sized pieces to promote even cooking. Jaclyn decided to use red skinned potatoes which is the secret to having these potatoes come out creamy. The red-skinned potatoes have a thin skin which practically melts during cooking and incorporates into the potatoes during whipping. In the case of this garlic mashed potato recipe, you wouldn’t want to use a baking potato, like russet, because the skins may be too tough. Of course, if that is all you have on hand, simply peel the potatoes before adding to the crockpot. Jaclyn instructs that Yukon gold potatoes would be great in this side dish recipe, but baby potatoes could be an excellent choice as well and would eliminate the chopping step.

If you adore baked potatoes, this mashed potato recipe has the extra addition of sour cream. This ingredient is as much for flavour as it is for texture, blending into the creamiest potatoes imaginable. The tanginess of the sour cream compliments the sweetness of the cooked garlic perfectly, while the oniony chives add colour and a fresh taste to this comfort dish. Although these potatoes will undoubtedly be high in fat with plenty of sour cream and butter, potato nutrients make potatoes a worthwhile addition to the dinner table. The nutrients in potatoes include plenty of potassium and vitamin C, which are both integral to the daily diet. In fact, just one hundred grams of potato may give you at least one-quarter of your daily-recommended intake of vitamin C.

The next time you require a starchy side dish recipe for the main meal through the week or even for a holiday party, try these garlicky mashed potatoes. Their creamy nature infused with fragrant garlic will make these potatoes addictive to children and adults alike. Even non-garlic aficionados will enjoy these potatoes as the garlic mellows out during cooking. Thank you to Jaclyn, the writer of the Cooking Classy recipe blog, for sharing her slow cooker mashed potatoes recipe with us.

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