Slow Cooker Creamy Ranch Potatoes

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Potatoes are the star player in this easy recipe for Slow Cooker Creamy Ranch Potatoes. There are just a few ingredients to blend together, and this recipe suggests keeping the skins on the potatoes. That is a great idea since it really bumps up the nutrition, especially the fiber, in the potatoes. Potatoes are a great food. They can be made in so many delicious ways, and they go well with just about every thing you can think of whether it is meat, chicken, fish, or even tofu. Of course they blend well with lots of veggies and they take on every kind of seasoning imaginable.

Potatoes should be called a super food. For their fabulous nutritional qualities as well as their versatility in the kitchen, there are very few veggies that parallel the potato. Potatoes can be used for savory dishes, sweet dishes, in breads and muffins and in just about any recipe where you want a starchy and filling food. They can be used instead of noodles, and often, instead of rice, too. Potatoes offer moistness and plenty of texture in cakes and breads as well as muffins. They are just such a surprising food. They are low in calories, running only about 100 calories in a potato that fits in your palm. They have zero sodium and no cholesterol. In all, there is almost nothing bad about the potato. They fill you up, and are a great snack, even served cold without any toppings. In the middle of the day, when you need a quick pick me up, a potato can be hot on your plate in just a few minutes. Paired with cream cheese, it is a pretty well balanced snack.

Here creamy ranch is added to the potatoes, giving them a great and rich flavor. Most people really enjoy the ranch taste, too, so these potatoes will be a smash hit. Try them soon. Baking them in a crock pot means they will also take only a bit of your time to pull them together. Enjoy them soon.

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